Movement Study 1 is a short narrative game and “new realist movement simulator” about youth in Melbourne.

Taking inspiration from neorealist cinema and contemporary American comic book illustration, the game gives a snapshot into the life of young adults Darcy and Clara and explores the control they feel like they have over their lives.

I was the lead programmer and narrative designer of a core team of five people. I wanted to see how much you can convey about a character through the way their avatar moves through an environment. For instance, whether their anxieties could be read through the representational gap between how the player moves the joystick and how that character moves. We used this as the building blocks for a short narrative.

The game is not currently available to play.

  • Winner - Best Visual Art - Freeplay Awards 2015
  • Nominated - Best Tech - Freeplay Awards 2015

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot